FoamWorks Concrete Leveling Q&A

Do I need to worry about the foam eroding?

No. Water, heat, cold, and even rodents will not effect the foam.

Does there need to be a certain outside temperature to install Nexus Pro caulking?

Actually, Nexus Pro can be installed in Freezing temps up to -20 degrees. 

What is a joint and why is it important?

A joint is a weak spot in the concrete. It's there to prevent cracking throughout out the entire slab.

What is Sealant Pro and why do I need it?

Sealant Pro is to protect the concrete from absorbing water. For a time after the sealant is applied, the water will bead on top. But, as the sealant soaks into the crevices of the concrete that will stop. The concrete will still be protected from water damage, even after the water stops beading on top of it.

When is it too cold to lift and level concrete?

We can lift, level, and stabilize concrete until the ground is frozen under the concrete slab.  Once the frost freezes to the bottom of the slabs they become harder to lift.  So concrete can be lifted and leveled late into winter.  

Why does the Nexus Pro caulking stay soft?

Nexus Pro stays soft and flexible to prevent cracking and debonding form the concrete.

Will my price go up if you use more material than I'm quoted for?

Not at all! Any additional material used falls on us.

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