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FoamWorks Concrete Leveling - Bellevue, OH

FoamWorks Concrete Leveling - Bellevue, OH

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FoamWorks Concrete Leveling - Bellevue, OH FoamWorks Concrete Leveling - Bellevue, OH

Crew went out and worked on this job in Bellevue Ohio. Job was completed.

Bellevue, OH's Concrete Repair & Concrete Leveling Expert

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Lasting concrete repair, leveling & sealing services in Bellevue, OH

Damaged, cracked concrete is an eyesore on any property. But, more importantly, these uneven surfaces create falling hazards and a security risk for anyone who sets foot in the area. For this reason, most property owners want to fix sinking, cracked concrete quickly. But many concrete repair contractors offer the same-old, invasive, and costly methods, including mudjacking and total replacement.

That's why FoamWorks Concrete Leveling brings you innovative, fast-acting, and durable solutions, unlike anything on the market! So if your home, industrial building, or municipal property has cracked concrete, sinking floors, or other damaged slabs, contact the concrete repair experts who act quickly to provide mess-free, long-lasting solutions that address the cause of damage to ensure beautiful results built to last.

Our concrete repair systems include:

  • PolyLevel® concrete leveling
  • NexusPro® cracked concrete repairs
  • DecoShield® concrete sealant
  • SealantPro® concrete sealant

Most concrete repair and leveling systems install in less than an hour. Schedule a no-cost, on-site estimate to get started. We serve Ohio areas, including Bellevue and nearby.

Quick-to-install, long-lasting concrete leveling system

Does your home, commercial building, or municipal property have sinking floors, uneven concrete, or other sunken slabs? The cause is almost always weak supporting soils. This happens when the dirt under the slab shrinks or washes away, creating voids that the slab sinks into and leading to an uneven surface. Most concrete repair contractors see this and recommend a concrete replacement or mudjacking. But FoamWorks Concrete Leveling approaches the problem differently.

Why rush to invasive, costly methods if the existing slab is structurally sound? PolyLevel® is the system to address this problem, providing mess-free, quick-to-install results that give property owners beautiful results built to last!

Benefits of PolyLevel concrete leveling:

  • Non-invasive, professional installation & clean, mess-free results
  • Quick installation & cure time — ready in less than an hour
  • The 2-part polyurethane foam system expands for an accurate lift
  • Adjustable for loads of all sizes, from residential driveways to sinking floors in warehouses

Call 1-419-664-6566 or click below to schedule a free, no-obligation concrete leveling estimate today. We serve Huron County areas, including Bellevue.

Reliable concrete repair & concrete sealing systems

Don't let cracked driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and other damaged slabs drag down your property's value, curb appeal, and security. FoamWorks Concrete Leveling can help you avoid outdated, invasive, and costly concrete repair methods, like mudjacking and replacements, popular with other companies. Instead, we opt for solutions that are mess-free, incredibly durable, and fast-acting!

Our concrete repair systems:

  • NexusPro® cracked concrete repair: Repair concrete cracks and joints in under 60 minutes with NexusPro®. This system blocks out moisture that can soften and wash away the supporting soils for beautiful, lasting results.
  • SealantPro® concrete sealing: SealantPro® quickly and permanently bonds with slabs to provide lasting protection from water damage, chemicals, pitting, flaking, and staining. Plus, this system extends slabs' lifespans by 3 to 5 times overall!
  • DecoShield® concrete sealing: This translucent concrete sealant adds unique visual appeal to your concrete while preventing flaking, cracks, pitting, and other moisture-related issues.

Want to learn more about our cracked concrete repair and concrete sealing systems? Schedule a free estimate to get started. We proudly serve areas throughout Ohio, including Bellevue and nearby.

We offer free concrete repair estimates in Bellevue & nearby

Fix sinking, cracked concrete around your property with innovative, fast-acting, and incredibly durable concrete repair solutions from FoamWorks Concrete Leveling! From cracked driveways around a home to sinking floors in a warehouse, no job is too big or small for our professionally-trained crew.

Get started by scheduling a free, on-site estimate. We offer concrete leveling, cracked concrete repairs, and concrete sealing services throughout Ohio, including Bellevue and nearby.

Job Stories From Bellevue, OH
Settled Driveway - Bellevue, Oh.

The customer was having work done through a contractor, and the contractor found us on google. He set up the original sales appointment for the homeowner. The contractor asked if we could help with a settled driveway. Our office informed him that we could absolutely help with that, and set up an appointment for our sales representative to come take a look and give them their free estimate. The homeowner accepted our proposal and decided to move forward with the installation. Once the installation was complete, using our PolyLevel® injection foam, the homeowner was very happy to have had us come out. 

Slippery Slope - Bellevue, OH

Homeowner reached out stating she was having a brand-new patio put in behind her house. She had an existing sidewalk leading from the front of her house to the back where her new patio was going to be poured. Her existing sidewalk was slopped towards the house causing water to run into the garage and house. 

We had Steve, our Sales Representative, go out and take a look. Steve was able to give these homeowners a free estimate that fit into their budget and addressed all their concerns!

Our concrete crew went out and used PolyLevel Foam to effectively lift and level the sidewalk. This eliminated the sloping concerns and now they do not have to worry about water draining down towards their garage. Great job team! These homeowners can now enjoy their new back yard oasis with peace of mind! 

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